Street Food Experience

Good food is difficult to find but great food combined with theatre is near impossible to find.

However, in the heart of Lancaster’s Charter market you can find our food stall by following your nose from anywhere in town! Our customers can pick from a select menu or they can create their own dish, which is then cooked right there in front of them with all the bustle, theatre and banter found at any traditional Indian street bizarre in the depths of an Indian City!

Watch, as your dishes are prepared from scratch, first select your meat, then your spices, finish it off with the sauce of your choice as hot or mild as you wish, we will create it just as you like it.

Bring your friends along and then sit in market square and enjoy your meals together with chitchat and laughter, just as a real street food experience should be.

Try something new today and let Sanah and her award wining Chef’s prepare something unique and memorable for you.